TERESA'S Performance & Workshop Schedule    

October 8, 2016. NYC Ballet workshop with Teresa.
Once day only. Contact to join.

Sept 2016. Teresa guest teaches. Dance Academy East
Fall workshops in Nashville, TN

August 26, 2016. New Adult Ballet Classes with Teresa 
9-10:30am Fridays. Kinetic Art and Dance, Evergreen

August 22, 2016. Fall Youth Dance Program begins with Teresa
Kinetic Art and Dance, Evergreen.

August 2016. Teresa returns to Europe
Paris and Warsaw, to teach and study

July 2016. Teresa guest teaches. Kinetic Arts
Summer Dance Intensives. Evergreen, CO

June 2016. Teresa guest teaches. Queen City Ballet
Summer Dance Intensives. Helena, MT.

March 2016. Teresa returns to Colorado.
Classes and privates resume at Kinetic Arts.

March 2016. 24-27th. San Francisco. Teresa competes
USA Championship Argentine Tango.

February 2016. Teresa returns to Europe and Middle East
for teaching and choreographic opportunities

January 2016. Teresa back in NYC for APAP
production of  ROY G BIV: Story through the Eyes of  Jimi Hendrix
via TTO Entertainment, LLC. at FLamboyan Theatre, NYC

October 2015. Teresa begins teaching for pre-professional
program, 'Theatrical Jazz in Heels," at The Colorado Ballet Academy

September 2015-January 2016. Teresa Directs and Choreographs
Kinetic Art's inaugural production of "Evergreen's Cracked Nut"

September 2015. Teresa choreographs for The Colorado Film

 School's production of Sir Anthony Hopkins "The Waltz Goes On"

August 2015. Teresa joins the teaching faculty of Kinetic Arts and Dance

August 2015. Teresa returns to here home state of Colorado
to teach/choreography/create

June 6 2015. Broadway Dance Center- CTP Dance Concert
Teresa's students perform her choreography

January 10-11. "Story of a Rock Icon" wksp/showcase for APAP
at La Guardia College. Teresa, Associate Choreographer.

January-June 2015 Teresa conducts Pro Ballet classes
for Broadway Dance Center, CTP

Nov 2014 Teresa's Saturday Ballet Intensives begin
Champions Studios, NYC.

Sept 2014 Teresa joins the teaching faculty of The Broadway Dance Center,
Children & Teen Program, coaching young talent in Classical Ballet Technique

Spring/Summer 2014 Teresa travels as Dance Competition Judge
 for Starbound Dance Competitions, Extreme Dance & Talent
New Orleans; Baton Rouge; Daytona Beach; York, PA

May 5th Teresa teaches
Master classes at Broadway Dance Center, CTP.

April 24-27 Teresa performs solo show "My Time"
in The ONE Festival
, Directed by Leslie Daniels, written by
AR Garcia. 4th Street Theatre, NYC

October 21, 2013 Teresa is honored with 2013 HOLA Award
HOLA (Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors) for
Outstanding Achievement in Technical Production.
Choreographer "Canta Um Tango" in "Tango Fever"

Oct 1- Nov 7 Teresa teaches
Part I Absolute Workshop for The Joffrey Ballet

August 4, 11, 18, 25. Teresa teaches at DNA
Four Sundays in August. 12-1:30pm
Slow Intermediate Ballet at Dance New Amsterdam

July 8- August 3, 2013. Teresa performs
role of "Halie" in Sam Shepard's
"Buried Child" at Aaron Davis Hall (135th St and Convent Ave.) 

Thurs-Sat at 7pm, and 2pm Sat matinee.

July 15-August 21 Teresa teaches Part II
June 3- July 10: Teresa teaches Part I
 Workshop-Technique & Fundamentals at
The Joffrey Ballet School
Monday and Wednesdays 8:30-10pm

March 19, 2013 Teresa performs
with Stefan Zawitovski "El Polako"
at Milonga La Sala

Feb 25- April 8, 2013 Teresa teaches
"Slippers to Heels" 5 week workshop
at The Joffrey Ballet School

Feb 14, 2013 premiere of "Blue Moon"
at Schapiro Theatre, NY
New play by Bryan Quick with choreography by Teresa

January 7, 2013 Teresa returns to The Joffrey Ballet School


Nov 6 - ongoing. Teresa is officially part of faculty for
The Joffrey Ballet School!!

October 8- Nov 26, 2012 Teresa teaches at
The Joffrey Ballet School -NYC
intensive 7-wk workshop of "Slippers to Heels."

Sept 19 - Oct 7 Teresa performs supporting role in "Tango Fever"
at Theatro La Tea, NYC

July 27, 2012 Teresa performs with Eduardo Goytia
 at Celebrate TangoFestival in NYC at Barush College Theatre.
May 23, 2012 Workshops, private training, and group classes
begin @ Volgenau Studio.  **Currently Teaching**

MAY 18, 2012
(115 East Kinney Street #3G, Newark's Ironbound) 7pm

May 15, 2012 "Lunar Mythology" Teresa premieres
her classical choreography.

Pas de deux
performance at Lefrak Hall, Aaron Copeland School of Music.
8pm.  Original composition by William Wheeler. 

May 11, 2012  Teresa performs tango
at The Foundry Anniversary event.
Long Island City, NY 10pm

April 1, 2012  Teresa relocates to New York City
 to Teach/Perform/Choreograph

March 1, 2012 Teresa teaches "Theatrical Jazz Masterclass"
6pm at Kinetic Dance, Evergreen, CO

February 21 -March 29, 2012 Teresa's teaches
"Slippers to Heels"
morning master class series for launch of T.A.P.S. in Denver.
contact Teresa for more details

February 1, 2012  Teresa returns to the USA

January 28-29, 2012  Pro-Insight for the Dance Professional with Teresa Anne Volgenau.
"Be Pro" Choreography Intensive. Technique/Theory/Exploration. 
10 hours, 2day wknd. info & registration: Camilia Joanna Pajak  camilia@camilia.pl  +48-794-392-477

January 13, 2012 Teresa and partner, Piotr Wozniak perform
for TANGO8
Magazine milonga at the Intercontinental Hotel. Warszawa, PL

January 7, 2012 Teresa and partner, Piotr Wozniak perform

at the Tango Nuevo -Los Tres Pablos Festival in Lodz, Poland.
December 4, 2011 Teresa and partner, Piotr Wozniak perform
with Ariel Ramirez Tango Sextet @ Lublin Philharmonic Concert Hall, Poland

November 19, 2011 Teresa and partner, Piotr Wozniak perform
6th Szydlowiec Dance Gala @ Center for Culture and Sport, Szydlowiec, Poland

November 13, 2011 Teresa and partner, Piotr Wozniak perform
@ Kliczkow Zamek/Castle, "Ale Pasztet Festival", Kliczkw, Poland

November 11, 2011 Teresa and partner, Piotr Wozniak perform
 with Machina Del Tango
and Miroslaw Czyzykiewicz
@ Lubuskie
Theatre-Zielona Gora, Poland

October 29 & 30, 2011 TangoVW teach

Argentine Tango workshops for Tango Improwijazce Festival

October 28, 2011 Teresa and partner, Piotr Wozniak perform

at Tango Improwijazce Festival, Warsaw

September 11, 2011 TangoVW teach
unique Argentine Tango workshop at Riviera Studios 12:00-15:00

September 10, 2011 Teresa teaches
special "Slippers to Heels"
intensive workshop at Riviera Studios 12:00-15:00

August 31, 2011 TangoVW  teach

workshop at Equilibrium Club @ 19:00-20:00

August 9, 2011 Teresa returns to Europe
Warsaw, Poland to teach/perform/choreograph

June/July, 2011 Teresa returns to Colorado

to take on the position of Dance Master/Choreographer
for Rocky Mountain Theatre Company- Denver production of "Fame"

June 25 & May 20, 2011 Teresa performs
with Grisha Nisnevich at the Colorado Mayor's Mansion.

April 17, 2011 Teresa teaches workshop of "Slippers to Heels"
program at Free Art Fusion- Warsaw, Poland www.tango.waw.pl

April 9&10, 16&17 Teresa teaches

her "Slippers to Heels" Program, Technique & Stylization Workshops
for Riviera Dance School- Warsaw, Poland

April 2-3, 2011 Teresa & Grisha teach

workshops for the Riviera Dance School- Warsaw, Poland

April 1, 2011 Teresa & Grisha perform "Baroque and Beyond"--
Tango, Music and Theatre, at The Argentine Restaurant- Warsaw

**March 17, 2011 Teresa returns to Europe.
Please contact Teresa directly for the booking of all
Choreographic Projects, Dance/Argentine Tango workshops, and performances.

March 3, 2011 Teresa performs
at the Tucson Tango Festival with Grisha Nisnevich.

 January 3, 2011 Teresa undergoes spinal surgery
and will be out of commission for approximately 12 weeks.

October 25, 2010 Teresa performs

at Denver's Natural Tango Festival with Grisha Nisnevich. (www.naturaltango.com)

September 18, 2010  Teresa performs
Argentine Tango with partner, Jes Rodriguez, at First Bank Event  Center in Denver, Colorado.

August 28, 2010  Teresa performs
Argentine Tango and Original Choreography with partner, Joe Banks
at Na'Amat Private Event in Los Angeles, CA.
painting by Melinda Morrison 2011