Dance/ Choreography Resume

              Teresa Anne Volgenau



    Denver / New York / Los Angeles / Warsaw, Poland

      Choreographer, Performer, and Dance Instructor of

Classical & Contemporary Ballet, ArgentineTango, and Theatrical Stage Movement



University of Utah, Bachelor of Arts; Theatre Studies 1997 (Theatre Dept. Scholarships Awarded)

Interlochen Arts Academy; Dance 1989-1991 (Scholarship and Grant Funds Awarded)


Member of The Stage Director and Choreographer Foundation, and the SDCF 2014/15 Observership Program

Unions : Actors Equity; Screen Actors Guild-Eligible




TAVolgenau Studio in Westminster, CO. Private Coach of Ballet Technique & Argentine Tango Stylization. 2021 - Present

Move By Morelli. Ballet and Pointe Technique. Arvada, CO  2021-Present

        TAVolgenau Studio @ Newport Street Retreat. Private Coach of Ballet Technique. Denver 2019-2020

TAVolgenau Studio. Private Coach of Ballet Technique. Marshdale, CO & Denver, CO 2017- 2019

Kinetic Dance Art Studio. Ballet Technique. Instructor/ Choreographer Evergreen, CO 2015- 2019

Kinetic Dance Art Studio. Adult Ballet Program. Instructor  Evergreen, CO 2015-2019

        Kinetic Dance Art Studio. Teen Summer Program Guest Instructor Evergreen, CO 2011, 2015

Ballet East. Master Class/ Summer Program. Guest Instructor. Nashville, TN 2017

Queen City Ballet. Master Class/Summer Program. Guest Instructor. Helena, MT 2017

                Broadway Dance Center. Pro-Ballet; New York City 2014-2015

                Broadway Dance Center. Children &Teen Program (CTP), New York City 2014-2015

                The Joffrey Ballet School. Adult Ballet Program, New York City 2012-2015

                Master class Ballet Instructor for CTP Dance Company of  Broadway Dance Center, New York 2014

Adult Ballet Guest Instructor for Dance New Amsterdam, New York 2013

 “Slippers to Heels: Ballet Technique & Tango Stylization”SpecialtyWrkshp Instructor, The Joffrey Ballet School 2012/2013

“Absolute Beginners Adult Ballet Intensives” SpecialtyWkshp Instructor, The Joffrey Ballet School 2013-present

 “Dancing with the Stars” ArgentineTango Consultant to season winners,AnnaGlogowska& Kacper Kuszewski-Poland 2011

“Choreographic Insight: Be PRO” 30 hour-workshop intensive series Instructor/Creator Warsaw, Poland 2011/2012

 Polish pop-star, Mika Urbaniak, Private Dance Coach / Choreographer Warsaw, Poland 2011

 “Slippers to Heels: Ballet Technique & Tango Stylization” Instructor/Creator  ShenTao Studios NY, NY 2012

“Slippers to Heels: Ballet Technique & Tango Stylization” Instructor/Creator Volgenau Studio Newark, NJ 2012

 “Theatrical Jazz- master class series” Instructor Kinetic Dance Co. Evergreen, CO 2012

“Slippers to Heels:Ballet Technique & Tango Stylization” workshops via TangoVW, Riviera Dance, Warsaw, Poland 2011

TangoVW-ArgentineTango various group classes &workshops Instructor with partner Piotr Wozniak  Warsaw, Poland 2011

Contemporary & Classical Master Class Summer Program Instructor Rocky Mountain Theatre Co Denver 2011

“Slippers to Heels: Ballet Technique & Tango Stylization” workshop, Instructor Free Art Fusion Warsaw, Poland 2011

Argentine Tango Workshops &“Slippers to Heels” Instructor Riviera Dance Warsaw, Poland 2011

“Slippers to Heels: Ballet Technique & Tango Stylization” workshop series Instructor/Creator T.A.P.S. Denver 2012

“Slippers to Heels: Ballet Technique & Tango Stylization” Instructor/Creator LivingArtsCenter. Denver 2010

“Slippers to Heels: Ballet Technique & Tango Stylization” Instructor/Creator  StudioADance. Los Angeles 2009-2010. 

American Russian Theatre Ensemble Laboratory. Instructor of BalletTechnique TheatreWorks Los Angeles. 2010.

Contemporary Dance Workout Instructor Body Tonic. San Francisco 2001-2003

Contemporary Dance Workout Instructor Metropolitan Club. San Francisco 2002-2003

Contemporary Dance Workout Instructor Concordia Argonaut Club. San Francisco 2000-2003.

Ballet Technique and Composition. Instructor. New World Dance Theatre. Salt Lake City, UT 1996-1997. 

TAV Lifestyle. Athletic Strength & AgilityTraining. Instructor. Los Angeles 2004-Present.

TAV Lifestyle. Athletic Strength & AgilityTraining. Instructor San Francisco 1997-2003.

Focus on Individual Training (F.I.T.). Athletic Strength & AgilityTraining. Instructor San Francisco 1999-2003.

Ballet & Jazz Guest Workshops @ Park City Arts Festival for Youth. Instructor. Park City 1996. 

CHOREOGRAPHER (selected projects):

“Evergreen’s Cracked Nut” Production Director&Choreographer. Kinetic Arts&Dance. Evergreen, CO 2015“The Waltz Goes On” Ballroom Scene Choreographer; CoDirector. Colorado Film School. Denver 201

“Joe Cool Blues”Choreographer,  Broadway Dance Center Showcase. Sylvia&DannyKaye Playhouse. NewYork 2015,

“Little Night Music: Mozart Minuetes” Choreographer, BroadwayDanceCenter Showcase. New York 2015

“ROY G BIV: Life Story Through Eyes of Jimi Hendrix AssocChoreographer w/Danny Soto, TTO Entmt. NewYork 2014

“Blue Moon” Play by Bryan Quick Choreographer & Asst Director, Schapiro Theatre. New York 2013

“Breathing Blue” Collected works for Volgenau Dance Ensemble Choreographer, Film&Stage. New York 2013“Canta Um Tango”(*) solo in “Tango Fever” Choreographer & Subject, Teatro LaTea.  New York 2012

“Tango Fever”(*) ensemble pieces- Contributing Choreographer & Subject, Teatro LaTea. New York 2012

“Lunar Mythology” Contemporary pas de deux, Choreographer, Aaron Copeland’s Lefrak Hall. New York 2012“Dancing with the Stars”ArgentineTangoConsultant to season winners-AnnaGlogowska& KacperKuszewski, Poland 2011

“Fame” Musical Production, Choreographer Rocky Mountain Theatre Company. Denver 2011

“The Jacket” Choreographer and Subject of solo. Denver, CO; Warsaw, Poland 2011

“Neo Baroque and Beyond”Tour  Co-choreographer and Subject, partnered with Grisha Nisnevich Denver; Poland 2011

"Kharmful Charms of Daniil Kharms" Choreographer  ARTEL(American Russian Thtr Ensemble Labtry) Los Angeles 2010

“SIR” Contemporary Tango  Contributing Choreographer Donlavy Dance Company Los Angeles 2009/2010

“Absinthe,Opium&Magic-1920’s Shanghai Tour” Contributing Choreographer Grand Guignol Thtr Co. LA 2009-2010

“Grand Guignol (Not for Children) Children’s Show” Contributing Choreographer Grand Guignol Thtr Co. LA 2008

“The Rise and Fall of Bruce Thunderkiss.” Choreographer  Noh Space Theatre. San Francisco 2003

“Louli Designs” Choreographer  Ghetty Mansion. San Francisco 2000.

“Tony and Tina’s Wedding (Maddie’s numbers)” Choreographer and Subject  Cable Car Thtr. San Francisco 1998-1999

“Into the Woods” Choreographer The Heber TheatreUT 1997

Miss Utah Beauty Pageant   Choreographer  Salt Lake City 1997.

“Fresh.” Choreographer  New World Dance Theatre Co. Salt Lake City 1997

“To the Loons”(revised) Choreographer  New World Dance Theatre Co. Salt Lake City 1997

“Este Noche” Choreographer  New World Dance Theatre Co. Salt Lake City 1997

“Vinegar Tom” Choreographer  The LAB Theatre, SLC,UT 1995;International Theatre FestivalGdansk, Poland 1996

“The Sound of Music” Choreographer The Grand TheatreSalt Lake City 1996

“My Fair Lady” Choreographer The Grand TheatreSalt Lake City 1995

“Penny Lane” Choreographer and Subject  Gdansk, Poland International Festival Hothouse 1996

“The Serpent” Contributing Choreographer The LAB Theatre. Salt Lake City 1995

“The Tempest” (the ‘Mask’) Choreographer   Kingsbury Hall. Salt Lake City 1994

“El Cumbachero”,“Roar of the Crowd”, “Lullaby” Choreographer and Subject  Interlochen 1991

“To the Loons” Choreographer and Subject Interlochen 1990



HOLA (Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors) Award 2013Outstanding Achievement in Technical Production: Contributing Choreographer  “Tango Fever” (ensemble pieces).Choreographer and Subject “Canta Um Tango” (solo piece). Teatro La Tea. New York City


Dance Competition JUDGE.  Starbound Competitions.  USA ;  Xtreme Dance & Talent. USA. 2014.


ARGENTINE TANGO:  (*subject and contributing choreographer)

               “Because She’s Worth It” 

partnered with Eduardo Goytia, short film directed by Nelicia Low. NY 2012

                “Derecho Viejo” 

partnered with Eduardo Goytia, New York Tango Festival-Celebrate Tango.  NY 2012

                “Tango Fever” Off-Broadway production (*Winner of 2012 HOLA Award)

partnered with Esteban Domenichi and Evan Griffiths, Teatro LaTea. NY 2012

                “Milonga La Sala” 

partnered with Stefan Zawitovski”El Polaco”, Sola Lounge. NYC 2013

                “Masquerade Ball” 

partnered with Diego Blanco, The Foundry- Anniversary. Long Island City, NY 2012


partnered with Piotr Wozniak, Tango8Magazine Anniversary, Intercontinental. Warsaw, Poland 2012


partnered with Piotr Wozniak, Tango8Magazine-1st Milonga Celebration. Warsaw, Poland 2012


partnered with Piotr Wozniak, TangoNuevoFestival. Lodz, Poland 2012

                “Tango-Ariel Ramirez Tango Sextet” 

partnered with Piotr Wozniak, Lublin Philharmonic Concert Hall, Poland 2011


partnered with Piotr Wozniak, Kliczkow Zamek/Castle,  Ale Pasztet Festival, Kliczkow, Poland 2011


partnered with Piotr Wozniak, 6th Szydlowiec Dance Gala, Szydlowiec, Poland 2011

                “Passion of Tango” Machina del Tango Orchestra

partnered with Piotr Wozniak, Lubuskie Thtr.,Zielona, Poland 2011

                “Si Toute les Siosones*” 

partnered with Piotr Wozniak, Tango Improvisation Festival, Warsaw, Poland 2011

                “No Te Apures Cara Blanca” 

partnered with Grisha Nisnevich, film/video by ChunPan Denver 2011

                “Tango Experience” 

partnered with Grisha Nisnevich, Mayor’s Mansion Denver 2011

                “Neo Baroque and Beyond*” 

partnered with Grisha Nisnevich, Performances in Warsaw, Poland 2011

                “Tango Waltz with Guitar*” 

partnered with Grisha Nisnevich, Tango Allure- Tuscon Tango Festival 2011

                “Le Cou Cou” –Baroque Milonga 

partnered with Grisha Nisnevich, Natural Tango Festival Denver 2010

                “Collection of Classics and Nuevo*” 

partnered with Jes Rodrigues, 1stBankEventCenter Denver 2010

                “Tango Triunfal*” partnered with Grisha Nisnevich, film/video by Chun Pan Denver 2010

                “Collections of Classics and Nuevo*” 

partnered with Joe Banks, Na’Amat Charity Event, Los Angeles 2010

                “In Another Time*” 

partnered with Joe Banks, Los Angeles

                “Soy La Segovia, Soy El Gotán*” 

partnered with Joe Banks, Ester Segovia Music Video;Dir:Fiorella Occhipinti 

                “It’s Complicated” 

Mixed Genre Pas de Deux/Tango, Hollywood 2010, choreographer: Hammen Shafie

 “When will I see you again*”, “Derecho Viejo*”, “Pa Que Bailen Los Muchachos*

partnered with Camillo Meijas Vino Artistica private event, LA 2008

“Yesterday*”, “El Chocolo*” partnered with Ali Boudiaf, Le Chantier 2009

“Greek Lullaby* “, “El Encuentro*“ 

partnered with Fred Lessantiz Castaways  private event, Los Angeles 2009

“A Lo Pugliese“ partnered with Oscar Alvarez –private events and 2008 LAWAP Holiday Celebration

“Nuevo Pasion*“ 

partnered with John Khacheryan private events and Dance4Cure 2009

BUENOS AIRES. Traditional milongas and exhibitions with various partners.  2006-2007

Milongas:  2007- 2015: New York City; Ann Arbor; California-Los Angeles, San Francisco; Denver, Tucson; Poland

CLASSICAL & CONTEMPORARY BALLET:(representative highlights) (* original choreography  set on me ; **Scholarship monies granted)

“Betty” and “Penny Lane” subject and choreographer Gdansk, Poland International Festival Hothouse 1996

“Little Women” Principle-soloist “Beth March”, Interlochen Ballet, choreographer: Sharon Randolph 1991

“Passerelles” Principle-soloist, Interlochen Ballet, choreographer: Sharon Randolph 1991

“The Four Temperaments” Sanquinic Pas de Duex, Interlochen Ballet 1991

 “Handle Suites” Principle-Pas de Deux*, Interlochen Ballet and Midwest Tour, Choreographer: Violette Verdi 1990

“Water Falling” Principle Soloist*,  NYC,Choreographer: Peter Nelson* 1990

“Copellia” Swanhilda’s soloist-variation, choreographer: Lioned Zubarsky 1990

“Violin Concerto” Aria-2nd Pas de Deux, Interlochen Ballet 1990

“Sleeping Beauty” Bluebird Pas de Deux; Woodland Glades fairy Interlochen Ballet 1990

“Rustic Dances” Principal-Pas de Deux*, Interlochen Ballet and Midwest Tour, choreographer: John Clifford 1990

“Threshold” , “Elegy” modern dance ensemble, choreographer: Penny Frank 1990

“Sylvia-ActII “soloist-variation A.R.T.S. Scholarship Competition 1990

“Aria” Pas de Duex*, Interlochen Ballet and Midwest Tour, choreographer: Nadine Stanton 1990

“Spiritual-Deep River”  Pas de Duex with Leajato Robinson*, Interlochen Ballet and Midwest Tour, choreographer Joe Orlando 1990

“Nutcracker” Sugarplum Pas de Deux, SnowQueen Pas de Deux, Mirliton Interlochen Ballet 1989

“Nutcracker “Sugarplum Pas de Deux, Columbine Doll Boulder Ballet Ensemble 1989

“Concerto Barocco” Violins -Principle no.2- Soloist Pennsylvania Ballet 1989

“Something Old, Something New” Principal-Pasde Deux* Boulder Ballet Ensemble; choreographer: Wanda Tierney 1989

“Die Fledermaus” soloist  University of Colorado, Larry Boyett* 1989

“Romeo&Juliet”  Juliet’s Friend, CorpdeBallet, Colorado Ballet, Martin Freed 1988

 “Coppelia”  soloist-variations “Dawn” and “Work,”& Corps de Ballet, Ballet Arts & Boulder Ballet Ensemble1988

“Sylvia” soloist variation  Scholarship Competition @UCLA 1988; Stars of Tomorrow Competition, State and Regional    winner**1988; Loretta Heights Scholarship Competition **, and various performance venues1989

“Don Quixote” soloist variation Loretta Heights Scholarship Competition**, and various performance venues 1988

“Black Swan” soloist variation Loretto Heights Scholarship Competition** 1987; Stars of Tomorrow Competition, State and Regional winner**, and various performance venues 1987

“Nutcracker” Sugarplum, Spanish, Russian Trepak, Columbine Doll,Snow&Flower Corps de Ballet  Ballet Images 1984, 1985, 1986

“Babes in Toyland” Principle Ballet Images 1987

“White Reindeer” White Reindeer/Principle Lead Ballet Images 1986

 “Giselle” Act I solo variation Loretta Heights Scholarship Competition, and various performance venues1986


Troupe/Shows “Mayan Revue Dancers” Hollywood,CA 2007


Classical Ballet : (* with scholarship)

Interlochen Arts Academy Dance *-Joe Orlando, Sharon Randolph, Clifford Shulman, John Callender 1990-1991

San Francisco Ballet Trainee Program* 1991

Interlochen Arts Academy Dance Department*-Joe Orlando, Ann Krampen, Ahuva Ambury, John Callender1989-1990

Joffrey Ballet-NY Trainee Program*- John Magnus 1990

Private Coaching with Peter Nelson, NYC 1989-1991

Pennsylvania Ballet Trainee Program* 1989

University of Colorado Dance Department*-Larry Boyett 1988-1989

Ballet Arts School*- Boulder, CO-Barbara Demaree 1987-1989

Boulder Ballet Ensemble*-Wanda Tierney 1987-1989

Milwaukee Ballet Summer Trainee Program 1988

George Brown School of Ballet- Summer Training Program; Toronto, Ontario 1987

Ballet Images School*- Sheila McKay, Jonathan Morris, Carrine Morden 1984-1988

(**personal  mentors/trainers: Violette Verdi, Peter Nelson, John Magnus, Larry Boyett, Joe Orlando, Sharon Randolph)        


Jazz/Contemporary: Joe Orlando, Jonathan Morris; Rhythm and Motion Dance

Modern: Ahuva Ambury (Martha Graham Technique); Clifford Shulman (Jose Limon Technique); Penny Frank    

Argentine Tango: Los Angeles: Linda Valentino, Monica Orozco, Elizabeth & Edmundo Tomas 2004-2010

Buenos Aires: Carlos Copello, Oscar Casas, Graciela Gonzalas; Veronica & Mariano Parras 2006/2007

ACTING- Film (*highlighted works via IMDB listing)                                       

“Zer” Supporting Director: Kazim Oz

“The Assassination of Richard Nixon”* Principal *starring w/Sean Penn, Director: Niels Mueller

“Life at Bay”* Lead Director: Susan Stuart- Arizona Intl. Film Fest, International Family Film Fest, Best Drama Award at San Francisco Women's Film Festival, IFCT 2006(International Festival of Cinema and Technology, Institute of Contemporary Arts in London  

“Because She’s Worth It” Lead  Director: Nelicia Low

“Red Delicious” Lead  Director: Anna Romano

 “The Hideout”* Lead  Director: Doug Magnuson                                     

“Seven Fallen Objects”* Lead  Director: Tony Liano

“Eclipse of the Heart”* Supporting  Director: Jacob Chase

“Julianne and Jessica” Lead  Director: Carlos Gonzales

“Apology” Lead  Director: Rod Akil

“Shifty the Grin” Lead  Director: Steven Jones

“One in Six” Lead  Director: Bianca Butti

“Stupid Cupid” Supporting  Director: Chris Housh

“Spark Riders” Supporting  Director: Doug Fernleif

“Half Life” Supporting  Tsunami Productions

“Say Sex” Supporting  Director: Yimeng Jin

“To Live and Try in LA”Supporting Director: Christianna Carmine   



ACTING- Theatre (highlighted works; complete & detailed resume avail.)

“Buried Child” Halie-Lead Aaron Davis Hall; NYC

“My Time” Solo-One Woman show ONEFest; NYC

“Tango Fever” Lisa-supporting Teatro La Tea; NYC (*2013 HOLA Awardee)

"ROYGBIV" Death-supporting APAP 2016. Flamboyan Theatre, NYC

“Objectivity” Lead  FischHouse Theatre Group; San Francisco

“Vinegar Tom” Betty/Lead Intl. Theatre Festival;Gdansk, Poland

“The Scheme of Things” Sylvia/Ingénue El Portal Theatre; Antrobus Group; LA

“Light in the Shadow” Erika Complex Theatre; LA

“Tony n Tina’s Wedding” Maddie Cable Car Theatre

“In a Red Sea” Comic/Lead SF Fringe Festival

“Day Trippers” Creator/Actor SF Fringe Festival 2001, 2002

“Caught Sleeping” Comic/Lead SF Fringe Festival

“Garden of Eatin’” Comic/Lead Artist Conspiracy

Stand-up Comedy As herself  The IMPROV; The Comedy Store-Belly Room; Room5; Ice House Annex; Bungalow 13



I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant Starring Discovery Channel

Calorie Commando Starring Food Network

Starlette Starring Reality-Pilot

LRN Corporate Training Principle/Hosting for Corporate Legal Videos


ACTING-Commercial/Television/Infomercial (highlighted works, complete & detail resume avail)

“Liberty Subaru” Principle, Giovatta Productions

“HACKED: IBM Cyber Security” Principle, GreenInk Productions

“American Home Shield Insurance” Principle, Kipany Productions

 “Searching for BigFoot-Part II”2014 Principle Discovery Channel./ Dyson Vacuum- LAIR Productions

“Searching for BigFoot”2013 Principle Discovery Channel / Dyson Vacuum –LAIR Productions

“American Home Shield Insurance” Principle, Kipany Productions

“Phoenix House Treatment Center” Principle, Darren Methlie Production

“AVIVA Hair” Starring, Meltzer Media

“Red Envelope” Starring, Promethlum Pictures

“Wen Haircare” Starring,  ?Productions Los Angeles

“Lion Kind DVD” Starring Walmart Productions

 “Movie Talk” Starring AMC Channel, SF/CA Production

“Sutter’s Video Store” Starring San Francisco Local Production


MODEL- Figure/Fitness

Archeologist (life-size figure for museum exhibit) Mesa Vera National Park Museum

Physio Ball and Abdominal Roller –Fitness Equipment Model Product Packaging Walmart

Strengthening Bands- Fitness Equipment Model for Product Packaging  Walmart

Wig/Haircare –Model for hair accessories Beauty First Fashion

Castelli Cycling- Model for online and print advertising Castelli

Print  (list available) Model for Print, Catalog and Online Advertising; Dance and Fitness Model


ACTING Training:           

Acting    Leslie Daniels: NYC                 

Deke Anderson: Los Angeles; The Working Stage;                             

Cliff Osmond: San Francisco; Actor Studio;                                                             

Gerry Katzman: Los Angeles; Stand-up Comedy                                

Marki Costello: Los Angeles; CMEG-Hosting                                                       

Mike Pointer: Los Angeles; Commercial

Full Circle Productions: Commercial; Improv/SitCom; Film/On Camera; AIA Studios: Film Acting

Voice: Mary Rogers

University of Utah- Bachelor of Art –Theatre Degree


Special Skills:  

Visual Artist: Painter of Contemporary Romance. www.TAVolgenau.com 

Micro-pen Artist:“Goddesses of My Dancing Pen” Ink Series 2000-2015

Freelance Writer: Dance, Art, Fitness articles. Working toward completion of 1st novel” This American Tanguera in Warsaw”

Clothing Designer:“Teresa’sBesitos”(www.TeresasBesitos.com)launched 2009

Certified Fitness Trainer/Coach and Small Business Owner- TAVLifestyle (www.TAVLifestyle.com) 1997-2010

Competitive Tri-athlete/ExTerra 1999-2003; and Nationally ranked in Mountain Biking (NORBA Nationals) 2001