ADVENTURE RESUME

(*please note this page has not been updated since 2010)          




Academic Background

                *University of Utah: Bachelor of Arts

                *Interlochen Arts Academy: Dance

Sport Fitness and Strength Training Certifications

                *National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

*National Strength Conditioning Association (NSCA)

Certifications and Licenses

             CPR and Advanced First Aid                                                           Current

                Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-Basic)                                  1997

                                Wilderness Survival Training                                            1997

                                Scuba Diving- PADI (Open Water Diver)                         1996

                                Sailing (Basic)                                                                   1995

                                Kayak-Trek and Trail Basic Safety Course                       2000

                                Sky Diving-12, 000 ft., 1 full minute off freefall         2001                                        

                NORBA- Domestic Off Road Racing License                                Current

                California Motorcycle License                                                         Current

                                Bay Area Motorcycle Training Course                              2000


Representative Field Experience

*Competitive Tri-athlete and Mountain Biker: Placed 3rd in Women’s Sport, Cross Country Mountain Bike event at the NORBA National Championships; Mammoth, CA 2001. Placed within top three in numerous California Triathlon, Mtn. Bike Triathlon, and Mtn.Bike Racing events  2001-2003.

*Nepal- Dhaulagiri Region. High altitude trekking and camping up to 18,000 ft. Terrain varied from jungle to desert to oxygen-deprived heights. One month on the trail.

*Chile- Patagonia’s Lake District. Canyoning, Cliff dives, Traverses. White water rafting glacier rivers.

*Argentina- Buenos Aires. 2 month Urban adventure. Living the life of the Portenos.

*Belize- Jungles and Coastal. Spelunking (by foot and by individual water vessel); 300+ ft. repel into ancient Mayan caves; Snorkeling; Scuba diving, Strenuous Jungle hiking.

*Guatemala –Tekal. Strenuous climbing of ancient ruins.

*Eastern Europe- Czech Republic, Poland, Germany.  Two months of solo travel/backpacking.

*Canada- Northern Ontario, Tamagami Region. Numerous 2-3 wk. Canoe excursions including backcountry camping and hiking and necessary portages. Vancouver, B.C. Six consecutive days carving Whistler.Blackcomb by snowboard.

*MexicoYucatan Peninsula. Travel and exploration of Mayan Ruins, Cenotes and Caves.  In-depth experience with people and culture.

*Missinabee River- Canadian wilderness. White-water canoe adventure of old frontiersmen route  from Mosinee to the base of James Bay. 2 weeks in duration, with extreme conditions.

*Lake Superior-Apostle Islands. 10 days of strenuous kayaking and camping.

*Michigan-Upper Peninsula, Grand Island, Isle Royal, etc. Numerous intense mountain biking adventuress, as well as backpacking and canoe excursions.

*U.S. Continental Divide-10th Mtn.Division Trail.Backcountry hut-to-hut cross-country ski, necessary avalanche safety.

*New England- The Presidentials, White Mountains.  Ascension of Mtn. Jefferson, Mtn. Garfield, Mtn. Willard.

*Pacific Northwest- Washington, Oregon, Northern California.  Seeking one awesome Mtn.Bike trail after another.

*Ski Seasons- UT,CO,CA. The Sierras, Rocky Mountains, Wasatch Ranges.  Innumerable days on the slopes.

*Utah- Winter Seasons. 5+ years of Alpine, Cross-country, and Telemark Skiing; Snowboarding; Snowshoeing.

*Utah- Fall, Spring, Summer Seasons. 5+ years of Mtn.Biking; Hiking, Climbing, backcountry and desert camping.

*British Columbia- Whistler/Blackcomb. Winter vacation adventure by snowboard, snowshoe and boots.

*Northern California- Marin Headlands, Tahoe/Sierra Mtns., Black Mtns., Mt. Shasta 6+ years of Mtn.Biking, Road Biking, Hiking, Climbing and Rollerblading. Plus, White water rafting the American Fork River.

*Central and Southern California- Mt. Whitney. Rapid, One-day ascent of 14,500 ft, 22 mile climb. Sierra Mtns, Mammoth

Mtn, ect.-Mtn Biking, hiking, Snowboarding. Joshua Tree Natl.Backpacking/Hike.

Professional Experience

*“Fusion” by TAVLifestyle, Outdoor Sport Conditioning: Program Designer and Coach 2004-2010.

*Personal Fitness Trainer and Sport Conditioning Coach –TAVLifestyle, SF and LA, 2001- 2010.

*Fitness and Strength Conditioning Trainer with F.I.T. (Focus on Individual Training), San Francisco  1998-2003.

*Instructor of Group Fitness Classes, including: Spinning; Triathlon Spin; SAQ (Speed Agility and Quickness); Power Moves; and Dance (Classical and Contemporary movement), San Francisco 1997-2003; Los Angeles 2004-2010. 

Foreign Languages

                Spanish- Beyond Basic competency, currently studying for fluency

                French, Nepali, Polish- Competency in basics for travel “survival”

                English as a Second Language- Tutor