ACTING RESUME

          Teresa Anne Volgenau

 Hair: Red, short                                   (Te-RAY-sah   Anne   VOL-je-noh)

 Eyes: Blue                                                  AEA;  SAG-E;  SDCF

 Height: 5’4”                                    www.TeresaAnneVolgenau.com

 Weight: 125                                                   323-605-4401

Film (selected roles)                                           

The Assassination of Richard Nixon          Principal w/Sean Penn                                     Niels Mueller

ZER                                                               Supporting                                                            Kasim Oz

Life at Bay*                                                   Lead                                                                 Susan Stuart

Because She's Worth It                                Lead                                                                 Nelicia Low

The Hideout                                                  Lead                                                          Doug Magnuson                  

Seven Fallen Objects                                    Lead                                                                  Tony Liano

Red Delicious                                                Lead                                                                Ana Romano

Julianne and Jessica                                     Lead                                                          Carlos Gonzales

Apology                                                          Lead                                                                     Rod Akil

Shifty the Grin**                                            Lead                                                               Steven Jones

One in Six                                                       Lead                                                                Bianca Butti

Hacked!                                                             Supporting                           IBM/ GreenInk Productions

Spark Riders                                                     Supporting                                                 Doug Fernleif

Eclipse of the Heart                                          Supporting                                                Henry Farnam

Stupid Cupid                                                     Supporting                                                   Chris Housh

Half Life                                                            Supporting                                      Tsunami Productions

Say Sex                                                              Supporting                                                      Yimeng Jin

To Live and Try in LA                                     Supporting                                       Christianna Carmine

* Arizona Intl. Film Fest, International Family Film Fest, Best Drama Award at San Francisco Women's Film Festival, IFCT 2006(International Festival of

Cinema and Technology, Institute of Contemporary Arts in London   ** San Francisco ResFest


Theatre (selected roles)

Buried Child                                               Halie/Lead                                            Aaron Davis Hall; NYC   

My Time                                                      Lead/Solo                                    The ONE Festival 2014 NYC 

Tango Fever*                                                Lisa/Supporting                                        Teatro La Tea; NYC

Objectivity                                                  Lead                                                 FischHouse Theatre Group

Vinegar Tom                                               Betty/Lead                       Intl. Theatre Festival;Gdansk, Poland

The Scheme of Things                               Sylvia/Ingénue                     El Portal Theatre; Antrobus Group

A Light in the Shadow                               Comic/Lead                                    The Complex; Los Angeles

In a Red Sea                                                Comic/Lead                                         SF Fringe Festival 2001

Caught Sleeping                                         Comic/Lead                                         SF Fringe Festival 2002

Tony and Tina’s Wedding                         Maddie/Lead                                                 Cable Car Theatre

The Garden of Eatin’                                Romantic/Lead                                  Theatre Artist Conspiracy

The Tempest                                               Miranda                                                        Kingsbury Theatre

Blue Moon                                                  Asst Director/Choreographer               Schapiro Theatre; NYC

*2013 HOLA (Hispanic Organization for Latin Actors) Award, performance/contributing choreography “Tango Fever”



I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant                  Starring                                                       Discovery Channel

Calorie Commando                                      Starring                                                             Food Network

Starlette                                                         Starring                                                                Reality-Pilot

Movie Talk Promo                                        Starring                                                             AMC Channel


Commercials & Industrials (*list available)

Print  (list available) Model for Print, Catalog and Online Advertising; Dance and Fitness Model

Comedy & Stand-up; Writer  The Improv; The Comedy Store-Belly Room; Room5; Ice House Annex; Bungalow13


Acting                     Deke Anderson: The Working Stage;                            Cliff Osmond: Actor Studio;

Gerry Katzman: Comedy                                           Marki Costello: CMEGHosting                            

BA- Theatre Degree: University of Utah                                Mike Pointer: Commercial

Full Circle Productions: Commercial; Improv/SitCom; Film/On Camera;AIA Studios: Film Acting     

Voice                       Singing: Mary Rogers


*detailed resume available -- BALLET (Classical & Contemporary); Argentine TANGO; Modern and Theatrical JAZZ.

The Joffrey Ballet, New York City; Pennsylvania Ballet, Philadelphia; Interlochen Arts Academy; 

Volgenau Dance Ensemble.

Argentine Tango (Buenos Aires; Warsaw, Poland; Denver; LA; NYC).

Special Skills:  Classical Ballet & Tango Stylization Instructor for The Joffrey Ballet School, and Broadway Dance Center, New York.

            Dance Competition Judge- Xtreme Dance, Starbound Competitons. USA.  

 Certified Personal Fitness Trainer. Coach/Owner of TAVLifestyle Athletic Training- 13 years.

2001 Nationally ranked in Mountain Biking/Xterra; Tri-athlete; Licensed Motorcyclist.

                Ski (alpine; x-country); Snowboard; Kayak; Rollerblade; Scuba Dive; intermediate Spanish


Choreographer/Dance Instructor: dance ensemble works, musical theatre productions*extensive & detailed resume available

                                Dialects: Irish; Scottish; British; Spanish; American South, NYC and Mid-West.